Entry #21

Rest in Piece Edd Gould

2012-03-29 16:33:26 by LittleNerdGirl

I just found out of his passing. It shocked me and I had no idea he was sick. I wasn't a die hard fan, as probably as many of you are, but one of his animations was the first one I had ever seen online. I believe it was one of his famous zombie ones. I always loved waiting for those series, especially around halloween. He will be greatly missed. Rest in Piece Edd Gould.


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2012-04-10 00:59:32

His first animations were kinda rough, but edd's sense of humor really set him apart from everyone else. The same with the sprite animator that passed away too - I remember (over ten years ago) not his animations, but how he wrote about video games on his site... I used to go there right after NG's... but then he put up somekinda registration w/ adware....
I've gotten through 2 session and am seeing better results, so either way, you're getting that file. I so wanted it done by Easter, but between doctors and the farmwork, I'm more out of sorts than ever before. It was much easier when I lived alone, had a real job.... bla-blah, right?


2012-04-10 02:23:13

I was mainly depressed, because of his personality. Not a lot of people have such a gentle demeanor. He was a good man, and the entertainment world will never truly know what they missed out on.


2012-05-08 19:54:12

It was good to hear from you! Don't take the kids problems home with you :3


2012-09-25 20:08:46

Oh my, this post has gotten old.... what's new?